Sermon From 3-21-21

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Scripture Reading: Colossians 3:1-17

Message: John 11:43- Removing the Graveclothes

*Communion and Song of Response included

Happy Birthday to:

Kincaid Leckie (March 22)

Jen Milsten (March 24)
Kyle Dungan (March 25)
Lucy Lingbloom (March 27)


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Good news! New life. Transformation. Fruit of the Spirit. The scriptures are full of promise and hope that followers of Jesus might experience life, and life abundantly. 

Why is it then that so many of us who claim to follow Jesus find ourselves wanting for the deep transformation of Christ we read about in scripture? From Sunday, January 31, through Easter Sunday, we will be walking through a sermon series to try and tackle this very question.

The sermon series is rooted in John 11 and the book, The Lazarus Life, by Stephen W. Smith. LSCC has purchased a copy of this book for each household (you should have received a copy if you are a regular attender) to help you go deeper and enter into the process of spiritual transformation. No reading is required to benefit from the sermon series. The book is simply a gift for those who would like to go deeper or to use in a small group setting. We hope you are blessed by this series and if you so choose, by the book as well.

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