Sermon From 3-7-21

If you missed this week’s Zoom Worship Service, here are the resources still available to you.


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Scripture Reading: Romans 7:14-8:4

Message: John 11:43- Stepping Toward Life

*Communion and Song of Response included

Happy Birthday to:

Patrick Sheehy (TODAYMarch 7)
Aspen Reeves (March 8)
Brian Russell (March 8)
Nancy Hodge (March 8)
Suzanne Amundson (March 8)
Jeff Milsten (March 10)

Happy Birthday to:

Chad ♥︎ Kim Bengen (March 10)
Ben ♥︎ Emily Bruckner (March 12)



Join us for a walk to beautify the Lettered Streets Neighborhood! We’ll meet on Saturday, March 13 at 10am in the parking lot of the Bellingham Theatre Guild, keep physically distant, and disperse in groups of 2 households or less. Children are welcome to join. Please bring gloves and masks.

If you don’t feel comfortable joining a group like this, or can’t make it at that time, we encourage you to set aside an hour or two to clean and pray for your own neighborhood!

The cohort youth will be collecting donations for the Bellingham Food Bank at the LSCC parking lot from 2:30-4pm on Sunday, March 21. This can be a form of prayer in practice for us to participate in this Lenten season.

Favorite donations include: 
  • Canned food preferred
  • Peanut butter/other nut butters are very helpful, 
  • Dry beans, rice, and pasta (under 2lb. containers)
  • They also accept baby formula and diapers, all sizes appreciated!
Please do not donate glass containers, oversized containers, or perishables here.

We are created to worship God. And not just by singing together. Mary Metcalf and Elizabeth Holland are working on a video project to show how we move can be worship.

Do you run? Bike? Jump off things? Cartwheel? Dance? If you are willing to be in a video doing these kinds of things (Walking is wonderful, too!) please contact Elizabeth by Friday, March 19. Everyone can be involved!

Meal Train for the Whites:

Connor Ryland White was born! Baby and mama are both doing great! If you’d like to help help them adjust to baby brother with the gift of a meal, please either contact us or find the link on our LSCC Life Together Facebook Group.

Did you miss our CAR-nival drive-through event? Did your dog get to the bags before you did? No worries! We’ve included as many of the items from the event that we can give you over the internet here!

Good news! New life. Transformation. Fruit of the Spirit. The scriptures are full of promise and hope that followers of Jesus might experience life, and life abundantly. 

Why is it then that so many of us who claim to follow Jesus find ourselves wanting for the deep transformation of Christ we read about in scripture? From Sunday, January 31, through Easter Sunday, we will be walking through a sermon series to try and tackle this very question.

The sermon series is rooted in John 11 and the book, The Lazarus Life, by Stephen W. Smith. LSCC has purchased a copy of this book for each household (you should have received a copy if you are a regular attender) to help you go deeper and enter into the process of spiritual transformation. No reading is required to benefit from the sermon series. The book is simply a gift for those who would like to go deeper or to use in a small group setting. We hope you are blessed by this series and if you so choose, by the book as well.

We will be continuing to connect at 5pm Sundays via Zoom each Sunday, to all gather at one place at one time to participate in worship together.

If you want to join our congregation on Sunday but haven’t been receiving our Sunday emails, please register here!

If you invite someone to the Live@5 service, please inform Elizabeth of their name so the Zoom Master knows to expect them.

-Morgan is coordinating care within our congregation. If you need help, or even someone to make a grocery store run, please contact Morgan.

-If you have prayer requests, please submit those HERE.

-If you would like to set up a time to talk with Pastor Chris, contact him directly HERE.

-If you need financial help during this crisis please contact our Lead Team Chair, Ryan Wasserman or Pastor Chris.