Sermon from 9-20-20

If you missed this week’s Zoom Worship Service, here are the resources still available to you.

Daniel 2 Coloring Page


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Scripture Reading: Daniel 2

Message: Daniel 2 Flourishing in Exile: Confidence in the Chaos
*Communion and Song of Response included

Happy Birthday:

Samara Eltrich (September 21) Patrick McEvoy (September 22) Ann Moore (September 24) Terra Goodwin (September 25)  

Happy Anniversary:

Becky & Ryan Lancaster (September 21)


Directory Photo Booth

4:30-6:30 Thursday, September 24

Hello Church Family!
The photo booth was POSTPONED until this Thursday, September 24, 4:30-6:30.

It’s more important than ever to have accurate contact info for each other in this time of quarantine as we write more letters and make more phone calls in lieu of seeing each other each Sunday at church.

Please come to the Drive-through Photo Booth from 4:30-6:30 on this Thursday, Septemer 24! Wear an LSCC shirt (if you have one) and your mask as we take turns taking household photos by the side of the church building. Sanitizer and physical distancing provided.

Updated LSCC Phased Preparedness Plan

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It’s not too late to join us as we engage in a 10-week course called Re-Frame, by Regent College!

Though many participated in Re-Frame a couple years ago, it pairs well with our current sermon series in Daniel called Flourishing in Exile. Both deal with how to live our biblical faith in the everyday world of work, life, and play.

    There are two elements to Re-Frame: a) A weekly video teaching by some leading scholars and thinkers, and b) weekly discussion questions based on the video and scripture.

See Here for more information, or to sign up for Chris’ group!

We will be continuing to connect at 5pm Sundays via Zoom each Sunday, to all gather at one place at one time to participate in worship together. We can see each other’s faces to remember we are not alone. We have the opportunity to participate in the elements of the service by reading the scriptures, praying, and singing in real time.

If you want to join our congregation on Sunday but haven’t been receiving our Sunday emails, please register here!

-The Whatcom Unified Command Center (WUC) in collaboration with the Bellingham Food Bank is seeking drivers to help with food distribution. To apply or view other volunteer opportunities in this time, visit the Whatcom Unified Command website.

-If you would like to join our mailing list, please let us know! We typically send one email per week to this list with all of the current church announcements.

-Morgan is coordinating care within our congregation. If you need help, or even someone to make a grocery store run, please contact Morgan.

-If you have prayer requests, please submit those HERE.

-If you would like to set up a time to talk with Pastor Chris, contact him directly HERE.

-If you need financial help during this crisis please contact our Lead Team Chair, Ryan Wasserman or Pastor Chris.