Advent with the Apostles

This year, December 1 is the beginning of Advent–a word drawn from the Latin for “anticipation” or “coming.” Followers of Jesus throughout the world anticipate two comings: First, we remember that the God of all creation became flesh and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus, nearly two thousand years ago. Second, we look forward to the day that he will come again and establish his saving rule over all creation.

For the next few weeks, we will be focusing on preparing our hearts and minds in anticipation of the coming of Jesus.

We live in a time of tension. Jesus has come and it is right and good to celebrate the awe and wonder of the Incarnation. At the same time, our world is broken, many of our relationships are strained and difficult, and if we’re honest, our own hearts often deceive us. How are we to live well, while we wait for Jesus to come and make all things new?

Thankfully, we are not alone in our dilemma. The early church faced these same sorts of issues. The apostles who penned their experiences and reflections in the New Testament, have given us wonderful encouragement and guidance for how to prepare our hearts while living faithfully as the church awaiting the second Advent of Jesus.

Our series this year, Advent With The Apostles, will explore apostolic letters of the New Testament and consider how those who have gone before us managed to encourage one another while living into the Gospel of Jesus.

Join us for worship this Advent!

December 1—Thanksgiving
December 8—Patience
December 15—Humility
December 22—Joy

December 24–Christmas Eve Candlelight Service from 7-8:15pm