Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Service

5pm Sunday, December 24

Join our all-ages candlelight Christmas Eve Service and celebrate the coming of Christ!

Children are invited to come to the Christmas Eve service dressed as angels, shepherds, sheep, or other animals for the build-a-pageant. There is no rehearsal necessary and we will build the pageant before your very eyes! *Mary and Joseph will be chosen ahead of time*

If you are wondering what to do for a costume, we suggest the following:

Toddlers and babies can come as their favorite animal, or perhaps in a recent Halloween costume, if it happens to be an animal.

Angels can wear a white sheet or shirt, and something sparkly tied in a circle for a halo. You can add wings if you have them around.

Shepherds might wear bathrobes or colored sheets  with a towel tied over their heads or carrying a walking stick as a shepherd’s crook.

Contact Elizabeth with any questions!