Christmas Movie Poll

Part of what makes us unique as human beings is our ability to create. We are given raw materials and through craft, skill, imagination, and perseverance we create pieces of art, scores of music, skyscrapers and garden landscapes. From our very earliest recorded history, humans have also been story tellers.
We tell stories of past historical events that shape who we are. We write fictional stories that help us work out the agonies and ecstasies of what it means to be mortal humans in a transient world.
For millennia, our medium for story telling consisted of oral tradition, song, dance, theater, and visual art. But on December 28, 1895 a new medium for story telling emerged to the general population–it was the first public screening of a moving picture show: it was the advent of film.
Since that moment, film has become one of the most accessible mediums for both reflecting culture, truth, beauty, and tragedy, as well as one of the most accessible mediums for influencing culture, fashion, thought, and behavior. In short, our films form us.
During the advent season in 2020, Pastor Chris will be preaching a sermon series titled Formed by our Films, in which we will look at a different Christmas movie each week and consider what biblical themes are rightly represented in it, and what in the film might be leading us askew in our thinking about life, faith, and practice.
This is where we need your help! With so many great films to choose from, we want to poll the congregation to see what films you would most like to discuss. Please list any Christmas themed film rated PG or G (we want to have opportunities for family viewings of each film before the sermon each week) that you would like Chris to use in conversation with scripture during the Advent season. Please include a brief explanation about why you are choosing the films you do; perhaps what they mean to you, what theme you’d like to explore, or simply why the film makes you feel a certain way.