COVID-19 Update

From Pastor Chris:

March 25, 2020

Greetings Lettered Streets Covenant Family,

I’m writing on Wednesday, March 25th and we are well into our second
week of hunkering down.

A few weeks ago I preached on Jesus’ second word from the cross where
he creates a surrogate family for his mother, Mary, and for John one of his
disciples. In that sermon I made the case that part of Jesus’ mission was the
formation of a new family—a family that is deeper than blood, or ethnicity, or
nationality, or social class. This family of God—the church—
that’s who we are.

You may not feel connected—in fact, you might be literally isolated—but
in Christ, we have been given the gift of this new community. That’s why it’s
important that we don’t walk alone.

I’ve had the privilege of talking on the phone or exchanging texts with
some of you and I’ll continue to reach out along with the leadership team. We
want to make sure that no one walks alone and that people feel loved and
supported—because you are!

I want to leave you with two things.

First, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m working on a way for us to
practice Communion even in isolation. Josh Burdick, who owns and operates
Veritas Media Productions, is going to record video of me ofPiciating over the
Communion table. We’ll embed the video right into the Plow of the home
worship materials I’ve been posting online each week so you can follow along
from home.

Second, Cory gave me a great idea last week. She took the kids on a bike
ride to Whatcom Falls and their assignment was to look for signs of springtime
and then reflect on it. They could write, draw, paint, take photos, whatever.

I want to encourage you to be looking for signs of spring and then
choose a medium of response in thanks to God. This is totally for you and God
but if you want to share with me, I’ll consider highlighting some of the content
in my next video for Sunday.

Bless you!

What LSCC Leadership Is Doing

    • The staff will continue produce worship resources for each Sunday including
      things like: a sermon podcast, a liturgy containing prayers, songs, readings,
      and children’s activities. We will make this available by 10am on Sunday on
      our website. We’ll also send the link via email.

    • We’re excited to provide opportunity for Communion as part of your home
      worship experience.

    • Christy Wilson facilitated Zoom meeting with the youth and will continue to
      help the kids virtually.

    • Elizabeth continues to build ways for us to connect online.

    • Jen Milsten is working on home resources for children.

  • Morgan is helping us think creatively about ways we may serve the

    community and will act as a service volunteer coordinator should opportunities arise.

  • The Lead Team continues their work of prayer, guidance, and operations of the organizational side of the church. They are also committed to reaching out to everyone in the church once a week via phone, text, email, or snail mail. No one walks alone!

Please take a moment to consider some ways we can be good neighbors to one

another and to our surrounding community:

What You Can Do

  • Pray! Someone once said, “The difference between worrying and praying is
    who it’s addressed to.” Let’s take our fears and anxieties to the Lord! And
    let’s cover our community, especially the vulnerable and those serving them.

  • Stay home unless you are employed in essential services or must go out for
    supplies or well isolated outings for physical and mental health.

  • Stay in contact. If you’re not feeling well (physically, emotionally, mentally)
    and are isolated at home, the staff wants to know so we can best care for

  • Be sure to have bread or crackers and grape juice, wine, or other red liquid?
    on hand for Communion.

  • Consider doing something creative that blesses others. What are some signs
    of spring/life in your life? Consider posting them on social media or emailing
    photos, poems, videos, or other forms of creative reflection to: Who knows, maybe they’ll show up in the next
    Sunday video!

  • Watch out for each other. Check in with people. Write cards, make calls or
    send texts.

  • Resist xenophobic or racist innuendo, jokes, slights, or memes. Sadly, some
    of our Asian Covenant sisters and brothers have been experience racial
    abuse even as recently as this week. Let’s stand up to this evil by calling it
    out when we see it. COVID-19 can
    infect us all and therefore it effects us all.
    Let’s not allow it to
    affect us negatively in our thoughts and actions toward

  • Continue to give of your tithes and offerings as an act of worship and in
    support of the ministry of the church by mailing a check to P.O. Box 5645
    Bellingham, WA 98227 or by giving online,


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For More Information About COVID-19

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