Encountering the Word

This coming February, Abby will be hosting a series of workshops to gather and encounter the Word (Jesus) through words. We’ll use our imaginations as a way to attend to what’s happening in Scripture. We’ll draw on creative writing prompts as tools to get us started–but all you need in advance is curiosity and a desire to hear what God’s saying in his word.

Workshops will be on Wednesdays in February, 6:30–8 pm in the Fellowship Hall:

February 2: Remembering the Word through words—memory, history, and how we see God at work (with the Psalms as inspiration).

February 9: Experiencing the Word through words—immersing ourselves in the world of the text, using narrative setting and details.

February 16: Praying with the Word—practicing praying using the words of Scripture and conversing with God via the text.

February 23: Wonders of the Word—looking at questions Jesus asks and that we might ask—both of ourselves and of the text, in response.