Home Worship 05.03.20

Fourth Sunday of Easter

*Each song title is linked to a youtube video just in case you don’t know the words. I want to encourage you, however, to try to sing along without the videos if you’re even semi-comfortable doing so. Worship is not a performance, it is an offering of who we truly are in response to who God truly is.

Song Lyrics for 05.03.20

Children’s Message with Jen Milsten

Children’s Resources

Songs of Praise, Adoration, Declaration:

Song Set

To submit prayer requests email: prayer@letteredstreetscc.com

If you would like a phone call from pastor Chris this week, email: info@letteredstreetscc.com


You may give online HERE, or by mailing to:

P.O. Box 5645
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-Happy birthday to:
     Anni Russell, May 3 (Today!)
     Cora Milsten, May 5
     Sarah Lawlor, May 5
     Andrew Nelson, May 7
     Andrea Wright, May 7

-Happy Anniversary to:
     Chuck & Lori Louise, May 4
     John & Letha Kerl, May 9

-Let’s continue be good to each other. Let our kindness and generosity be a living witness to the love of Jesus during this season when so many are afraid.

-Write cards to encourage the staff of the LH Mission, Food Bank, Hospital, WTA, or other frontline agencies. Thank your grocery clerk or take out delivery person.

-If you are sick or feeling down due to isolation Please Reach Out. Your staff and Lead Team are praying for you and are ready to serve and mobilize our amazing community that is LSCC.

-If you have prayer requests, please submit those HERE.

-If you would like to set up a time to talk with pastor Chris, contact him directly HERE.

-If you need financial help during this crisis please contact our Lead Team Chair, Ryan Wasserman or Pastor Chris.

God bless you and keep you!