Home Worship 6-14-20

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Happy birthday to:
Pablo McEvoy (June 18)
Ryan Kennedy (June 19)

Happy Anniverary to:
Joan & Wayne Youngquist (June 18)
Lorena & Sean Prater (June 19)


-As part of our congregation, would you take a few moments to fill out a survey to help us better understand the thoughts and feelings of LSCC as we look toward meeting together again? Implementation of state regulations must be done in a contextually appropriate way and we can’t possibly understand our context if we don’t hear from you. The LSCC Reopening Plan Survey link is available in our weekly update email. (See below if you’re not yet on that email list.)

-Ladies of LSCC, Our last Zoom was so refreshing! Let’s do it again! I (Christy) will be hosting another ladies’ Zoom tomorrow, Monday, June 15th from 8 – 8:50pm.
Some reminders:
* I’ll ask everyone a question when they first join.
* At 8:15, I’ll randomly break everyone into rooms of 4-5 people
* At 8:45, I’ll bring everyone back together, read a psalm, pray, and say ‘farewell’
* No shame in coming late, or leaving early
* You are loved.
Bless you all and hope to see you Monday evening. Please Email Christy if you want to join but don’t have the link yet.

Just Mercy, Film Discussion

Monday, June 22 at 6:30pm (via Zoom)

Being a follower of Jesus requires us to understand our context. Most of us live our lives by thinking about what is in front of us in the moment or what is in our future; but often times we are unthinking and uncritical about the systems and history we have inherited.

We live in a country that is the “land of the free” (for some) but that is not the experience for everyone. We have an ugly history that includes hundreds of years of slavery, genocide and injustice against indigenous people, Japanese internment, exploitation of foreign labor, and a not-so-subtle class system that tends to favor whiteness at the expense of others.

Recent events such as a string of murders against unarmed black men, like George Floyd, have brought the ever-present racial injustice of our nation to the fore. The church at its best will always be for justice for all in the name of Jesus. But at its worst, the church has been silently complicit and, at times, an active agent in racial discrimination.

Let’s be the church at its best. Let’s not stand idly by hoping that the winds of news headlines will shift to a more convenient topic. For our siblings of color, headlines can’t change experience. Unless we grow in our awareness of the problem and fight against it in Jesus name and in the power of the Spirit, we will be in league with evil.

For those who are just getting started on the journey or for those well along but would like a forum for discussion, we are going to have a discussion of the film, Just Mercy. (free to rent on Amazon during the month of June!) Pastor Chris will facilitate the discussion based on discussion questions written by Dominique Gilliard.

Josh and Nicole’s neighbor, Chloe, is having surgery on June 17. We have the opportunity to provide meals to her before she heads to Seattle. Please sign up to bless this neighbor. Instead of sharing all of Chloe’s information, it is best that you contact Nicole Burdick directly regarding drop off time and location. Nicole’s information is listed in the meal train.

-The Summer 2020 Volunteer Schedule is now live here on our website. For the time being, worship leaders and scripture readers are listed each week. If you have any questions or do not wish to be on the list, please contact Morgan Lingbloom. As things change, more volunteer opportunities may be added, so stay tuned!

-From Jen Milsten: Thank you SO much to everyone who participated in the Pentecost Collaborative Art Project! My heart is seriously bursting with JOY to see all the ways the Lord is meeting you and therefore caring for us as a community. If you didn’t have a chance to finish your square, you’re not too late to be included! Just please return it to Jen as soon as you can.

-Last Sunday much of our congregation met on Zoom and voted to affirm Ryan Wasserman in a second 3-year term on the Leadership Team, Cory Hoeger to begin his first 3-year term, and Jennifer Thomas in a first 2-year term on the Nominating Committee. We also honored Ben Goodwin’s 6 faithful years on the Lead Team as our Treasurer, and Marcia McEvoy for her service on the nominating committee.


-The Whatcom Unified Command Center (WUC) in collaboration with the Bellingham Food Bank is seeking drivers to help with food distribution. To apply or view other volunteer opportunities in this time, visit the Whatcom Unified Command website.

-If you would like to join our mailing list, please let us know! We typically send one email per week to this list with all of the current church announcements.

-Morgan is coordinating care within our congregation. If you need help, or even someone to make a grocery store run, please contact Morgan.

-If you have prayer requests, please submit those HERE.

-If you would like to set up a time to talk with Pastor Chris, contact him directly HERE.

-If you need financial help during this crisis please contact our Lead Team Chair, Ryan Wasserman or Pastor Chris.