Job Opportunities

Pastor’s Administrative Assistant 

The Pastor’s personal assistant is not the church secretary.  He/she will work directly with and for the pastor. 

The position is designed for an average of 10 hours per week at $15.00/hr.


  • Must be a disciple of Jesus and strive to maintain personal and professional integrity.
  • Must be able to work with personal information and keep it in confidence.
  • Recognize that you will be representing Lettered Streets Covenant Church in all aspects of life and thus live in a way that seeks to exemplify our vision and values.
  • Must be a self-starter


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to create simple media pieces such as brochures and flyers, etc.
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress based websites
  • Proficient working with Google Docs
  • Proficiency using Macintosh computers
  • Ability to take initiative and complete tasks on time and with quality


  • Must have transportation within Bellingham
  • Must be able to drink lots of coffee or other coffee house beverages with the pastor



  • Meet with pastor (1-1.5 hour)
    • Personal check in, discuss Sunday services, projects, upcoming events, announcements
  • Produce, print, stuff bulletin
    • Arrange for bulletins to be at each worship gathering by 4:30
  • Send Sunday announcements to Chris
  • Check PO Box and distribute mail
  • Maintain small group table/church mailbox/displays
    • Perform quality control inspection of table displays prior to each worship gathering
    • Keep small group signups up to date
    • Keep brochures stocked
    • Keep LSCC Mail boxes organized and up to date
    • Keep brochures stocked
  • Communications
    • Maintain Google calendar for church events
    • Create and send weekly email update
    • Maintain Church Directory & Contacts
    • Keep Facebook page up to date and create events as needed
    • Keep website up to date (slideshow, events pages, photos, content updates)
    • Send weekly prayer requests to Prayer Team
    • Create & schedule weekly update email
  • Check prayer and info email inboxes
  • Keep calendar up to date


  • Participate in Monthly Staff Meeting


  • Combined Worship Service (design/print bulletin, coordinate peanut butter drive, purchase and deliver peanut butter to service)
  • Picnics in the Park
  • Create media pieces to inform the church about annual mission projects or all church retreat (3-Year-Cycle)
  • Church Directory


  • Create and distribute various sign up sheets and information
  • Liaison between FCC & LSCC building use, etc.
  • Coordinate with other staff and volunteer leaders to print/communicate information
  • Maintain storage unit inventory with Volunteer Coordinator
  • Keep lists up to date (prayer team, email lists)
  • Maintain paper and office supply stock
  • LSCC photo database (coordinate photos to be taken and collect from events)
  • Periodically ensure website and other LSCC media pieces are up to date and accurate.
  • Create documents and/or signage


If you or someone you know may be interested in joining a fantastic staff team, appreciates flexible hours, and wants to be involved in what God is doing in this congregation and community, please contact Pastor Chris.

Lettered Streets Covenant Church – Job Application