Palm Sunday

Join us at 5pm on Sunday, March 20¬†for our Palm Sunday service. We’ll meet at 2100 Broadway.

Palm Sunday recalls the historical event of Jesus riding into Jerusalem and being hailed as king by the crowds. When Jesus proved to be a very different kind of king than they were expecting, the cheering crowds were replaced by jeering crowds crying out for his crucifixion. Less. Than. One. Week. Later.

How quickly our allegiances shift! How fickle our hearts!

Palm Sunday is sobering by reminding us that we are called to be disciples of the Jesus who actually is, not mere fans of the Jesus we make in our image.

So come, let us worship the King of kings together. Let us enter into holy week with a new self-awareness that given the same circumstances, we are just as desperate for forgiveness, reconciliation, and resurrection as those who watched the Lord of Life, die for the world.