Seasonal Series According to the Christian Calendar

Table of Contents

Advent, 2023: Is the Christmas Story Believable?

Advent, 2022: Advent Accoding to Mark

Advent, 2021: Fresh Perspective On A Familiar Story

Lent, 2021: The Lazarus Life

Advent, 2020: Formed By Our Films

Easter, 2020

Lent, 2020: The Seven Last Words of Jesus

Advent, 2019: Advent With The Apostles

Easter, 2019: Paul’s Easter Elevator Speech

10th Anniversary for Lettered Streets Covenant Church

Lent, 2019: Less Is More

Advent, 2018: Shaped By Our Songs

Easter, 2018: Reason to Believe, Reason to Hope

Advent, 2017: Hope, Love, Joy, Peace

Easter, 2017: The Journey from Death to Life

Advent, 2016: Advent According to Luke

Easter, 2016: The Great Reversal

Lent, 2016: Sacred Rhythms

Advent, 2015: Born To…

Easter, 2015: The Beauty of the Basics Resurrection

Advent, 2014: The Practices of Advent

Easter, 2014: Living Hope