Youth Fundraising Jobs

Help the youth fundraise to attend the ECC Unite West camp

Do you have a job that needs doing? We have the workers for you!

    • Need your yard cleaned up for spring? We can mow, weed, mulch, and edge.
    • Have a landscaping idea but need some muscle to move those rocks around? We’ve got you covered.
    • How about having that fence painted? Need your car vacuumed and washed? Indoor housecleaning that you’ve been avoiding? Need a fresh coat of paint in the kids’ room? We can also babysit, tutor, walk dogs…you name it, we’ll provide the man and woman power to get it done.

Please plan to pay $15-$20/hour per high schooler. The money will be placed in an account for each student to help them cover the costs of camp. Donations for the group accepted gladly!

Please give payments and/or donations directly to Christy Wilson or Cory Eltrich.