Chris Eltrich

What do you do at LSCC?
I have the privilege of pastoring LSCC. Starting back in September of 2008, a small group commissioned and sent from Bellingham Covenant Church began praying and dreaming about planting a church in the Lettered Streets neighborhood.  We launched weekly worship gatherings on Easter of 2009 and I’ve been pastoring LSCC ever since.
What do you enjoy most about your role?      
Three things instantly come to mind:
1) I love to see people grow in Christ through using their gifts and talents within the church and, maybe even more exciting, seeing how God is using them in their areas of vocation.
2) I love studying, and proclaiming the good news of Jesus through preaching the Scriptures.
3) I love pastoring.  That is, walking with people through the ups, downs, and sacred transitions in life.  I count it as a humbling and sacred privilege to pastor.

Jen Milsten
Kid’s Church Director

When did you start in your position @ LSCC?
I began my adventure as the LSCC Children’s Director the summer of 2015.
What do you do at LSCC?
Officially I am the Children’s Director, but unofficially I get to be a big Sister in Christ and walk beside my younger siblings as they encounter God in new and amazing ways!
What’s something you love about (serving at) LSCC?
We are the body of Christ in motion.  No part is greater than another, but all parts are vital for us to function.  I love the various perspectives of life and the Lord.  My faith and understanding of God is fuller because of the beautiful differences united in our faith.
What’s your favorite Ice Cream flavor?
Homemade guacamole, garden fresh pico de gallo, and Juanita’s Tortilla chips beat out any ice cream flavor.
Are you a dog-person or a cat-person?
Dog for sure.
What’s your favorite book?
Depends on the day.
Tell us about your family.
My husband Jeff is a fire fighter on Bainbridge Island, but currently attending Harborview’s Paramedic School.  I have 3 radically different kids- Finley, Deklan, and Cora.  We love to play outside together- riding bikes, camping in Poppy, and finding adventure.  Legos are also a constant uniting factor in our home.

Dan Trulson

Youth Director, C3

What do you do at LSCC?
I am a partner at LSCC as well as the C3 coordinator.
[C3 is LSCC Youth 6th-7th Grade]
When did you start in your position @ LSCC?
I have been a partner since about 2012, and in my C3 role only since June 2022. I did serve with Patrick McEvoy as a helper with C3 for a year before taking the coordinator position.
What aspect of the gospel is most compelling to you?
The emphasis on love and kindness. I think having that be your moral and ethical compass will always be a sound guide.
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Which ever one is right in front of me! I love ice cream!! I’ll say that vanilla is my last resort and if I have to narrow down a single favorite it would probably be Black Strap Molasses with praline pecans.
Are you a dog-person or a cat-person?
We have a dog, and I love her, but Im more of a cat person at heart.
What’s something most people don’t know about you?
I helped run an adult kickball league when I lived in Minnesota. It was an incredible part of my twenties. Not only that, but its where I met my wife.
Tell us about your family.
I have an amazing wife of 15yrs, three beautiful kids that keep pushing me to be a better parent. Ruby, our oldest is incredibly strong willed and a talented artist. Mikko, son, is funny and full of energy. He has taken an interest in many of my hobbies and it’s fun to share those with him. My youngest, Sloan, is just a bundle of wonder an amazement. She is also very strong willed but has a really soft side to her as well.
It’s because of these four people that I am 8 year sober, left a career managing restaurants and completely changed my focus on what my career goals were. I recently left the restaurant industry, after 27 years, to work in the cafeterias with in the school district. Working when they’re in school and being off when they’re off has been life changing. I haven’t missed a bedtime in almost 3 months.

Sarah Lawlor

Toddler Room Coordinator

When did you start in your position at LSCC?
August 2017
What do you do at LSCC?
Toddler Room Coordinator
What’s something you love about (serving at) LSCC?
This is the age where the seed of what church is and looks like begins to grow into a more interactive and connective piece. Not only does she get to make sure toddlers feel welcome and excited to be there for their interactive lesson, snack and craft time, she also loves being able to support parents who are hungry to be able to sit through a service without the distraction of a wiggly toddler. 

Elizabeth Holland
Administrative Assistant

When did you start in your position @ LSCC?
I started in this role in 2013, but I took a couple of years off to stay home with my toddlers.

What do you do at LSCC?
Administrative Assistant
What are some of your hobbies?
When I get the time, I love to participate in community theatre, do jigsaw puzzles, play Broadway songs on piano, or make food for lots of people at my house.

What’s on your bucket list?
I’d like to live on each of the populated continents for a few months to get a broader view of the diversity of languages and cultures. I’d like to do the Lake Padden Triathlon sometime. I also have a list of theater shows I’d like to be involved in someday.
Tell us about your family.
I have a wonderful, supportive husband named Michael, and two young sons named Theo and Benny. I grew up in Bellingham, so you’ll probably also run into my brother, parents, or cousins if you stay here long!