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LSCC Cohort

A group of young people, spanning several grades, traveling together through the faith journey, as an important part of Lettered Streets Covenant Church’s common goal of serving the Living God in our world. Also, warriors of fun!

  The Lettered Streets Covenant Church Cohort Ministry is a community specifically for the older kids of our congregation. There are three cohort groups: 

     * Cohort 1 (or C1) is 9th grade and up

     * Cohort 2 (or C2) is 6th – 9th graders

     * Cohort 3 (or C3) is 4th – 5th graders.  

  Each cohort will remain together through the years, staying as a group, or cohort, throughout their adolescence, experiencing Jesus and life together.

   Two Sundays of every month, the cohorts meet together during the sermon or after the service to sing songs, discuss the sermon text, and do projects to bring the Bible to life. The other two, or three, Sundays of the month, the cohorts are in the service, worshipping with their families and the community as a whole. And sometimes the cohort has special songs or projects they share during the service on these Sundays.

  Also, once a month, the cohorts meet outside of Sunday evening for Cohort Hangouts. These times are meant to be a place for simple fun, fellowship with each other and other church members, and sometimes serving the church or the world around us.


Parents and Guardians:


Please fill out the LSCC Child Information & Registration form online!

You can read our LSCC Technology Policy and complete our LSCC Technology Permission Form online, too!


The goal of our Cohort Program is to put the youth in the church,

and the church in the youth.