Life Together

Gaga Ball

Part of what it is to be human is to be relational, to share life with others, to be in community. Community is kind of a trendy word these days and can take on many shades of meaning. Lettered Streets Covenant Church is a community centered not on common interests, race, or social class, but based on our common creator and savior, Jesus.

We gather as a community to worship, pray, play, study the Scriptures, serve our neighbors, and eat!!

See below for some ways you might join in the community:


Weekly Small Groups

The purpose of our small groups is to help every participant of LSCC to live out the core value of living an “Integrated Life Together.” We gather on Sunday’s for worship as a large group and we gather together for mission but a third, vital component, is gathering in smaller groups for Christian friendship, prayer, sharing of the Scriptures and intentional growth in Christ-likeness.

Our small groups are but one way we hope to fulfill the purpose of LSCC: to be and make disciples of Jesus, who love God, love our neighbors, and care for his creation all in the power of the Holy Spirit.

For more information or to talk with someone about joining a small group please fill out the form below.

Eating and Playing Together

Keep an eye one the events calendar for upcoming opportunities for food and fun!

The Three Year Cycle

LSCC follows the worship rhythms of the church calendar and we participate in the local culture rhymes of celebration and service of our Bellingham community. We also created our own three-year-rhythm, henceforth referred to as the Three Year Cycle. […and no, it’s not a communicable disease or a reference to a midlife crisis.]

The Three Year Cycle was birthed out of the desire for our church to have intentional, intensive, and intergenerational times of playing together, serving locally together and learning through service cross culturally together. Doin life together for multiple days of focused time has a way of bonding us and growing us as a community that is harder to accomplish at home in the overly familiar daily rhythms of work, worship, family and the holy-yet-mundane.

Three Year Cycle:

Year One–Intergenerational, all-church retreat.

Year Two–Intergenerational, all-church local service project.

Year Three–An intergenerational, all-church cross cultural experience where we learn from others to grow in empathy and perspective of God’s amazing kingdom. We also serve alongside established ministries to learn from them, encourage them, and to share what we have with others.