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The Bible is clear that children have a special place in Gods heart. Therefore, we consider it a great honor and responsibility to care for and disciple the children in our church. Our teachers and volunteers not only love children and desire their spiritual growth; they have also completed background checks so we can say with confidence that they are safe people as well.

We strive to be a community that welcomes children, journeys with them, listens to them, and guides them in the Way of Jesus.

Please fill out the LSCC Child Information & Registration form online!

For Infants and Toddlers

We have rooms for both infants and toddlers, 3-years-old and younger, staffed and available at any point during our Sunday evening worship services. Follow the footsteps starting to the right of the stage, downstairs to the Cornwall Room for toddlers, and the Irving Room for babies up to 18-months-old.  You will be asked for your cell phone number (set on vibrate) so that you can be reached if necessary.

In both the nursery and toddler room, your child will experience God’s love through playing, singing and reading stories.

For Children Preschool through 3rd Grade

Classes for our children begin just before the sermon in our evening worship service. Children are invited to gather to the right of the stage and follow a volunteer downstairs where they will hear and discuss a Bible story connected to the same sermon you will experience, as well as participate in crafts, songs, and games. At the end of the service, parents pick up their children and bring them upstairs to enjoy dinner as a church family.

*2nd Sundays*

On the second Sunday of each month, we bring our K-3rd graders up after the sermon to experience Communion. Some of them have made professions of faith in Jesus and participate in Communion. For the others, we have grapes which represent a life in process of following Jesus. The point is to have our young ones witness and participate in one of the most sacred moments of Sunday worship: the sacrament of Communion.

The hope of our Children’s Church is to create a safe, loving, and fun atmosphere where kids can make good friends and experience God’s love as they grow in faith.