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The Bible is clear that children have a special place in Gods heart.  Therefore, we consider it a great honor and responsibility to care for and disciple the children in our church.  Our teachers and volunteers not only love children and desire their spiritual growth; they have also completed background checks so we can say with confidence that they are safe people as well.

We strive to be a community that welcomes children, journeys with them, listens to them, and guides them in the Way of Jesus.

Experiences we offer

Midway through our worship gatherings on Sunday evenings, we offer age-appropriate worship experiences for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school-aged children through 7th grade.  During this time, children will hear and discuss a Bible story connected to the same sermon you will experience.  They will also participate in crafts, songs and games.  Of course if you would like to worship together with your children they are always welcome to remain with you throughout the service.

The hope of our kids’s church is to create a safe, loving, and fun atmosphere where kids can make good friends and experience Gods love as they grow in faith.

What to Expect on a Sunday Evening

Infants and Toddlers

We have rooms for both infants and toddlers down the stairs located through the door to the right of the stage and then down the stairway to the right.  There will be green signs on the walls and colored, laminated footprints on the floor leading the way.  Infants and toddlers may head downstairs before the service or any time during.  When you sign your child in, you will be given a set of matching security tags to connect you with your child. You will also be asked for your cell phone number (set on vibrate) so that you can be reached if necessary. In both the nursery and toddler room, your child will experience God’s love through playing, singing and reading stories.

Pre-schoolers and Elementary-aged Students Through 3rd Grade

Half way through the service, preschoolers and elementary students will have the opportunity to attend an age appropriate Children’s worship.  The children’s teachers will help take the children down to their classes.

At the end of the service, we encourage parents to pick their children up from downstairs and bring them to enjoy dinner as a church family.

*2nd Sundays*  On the second Sunday of each month, we bring our elementary-aged kids up after the sermon to experience Communion.  Some of them have made professions of faith in Jesus and participate in Communion.  For the others, we have grapes which represent a life in process of following Jesus.  The point is to have our kids witness and participate in one of the most sacred moments of Sunday worship–Communion.

Cohort Kids (5th-7th Graders)

The Lettered Streets Covenant Church cohort is a program for the older kids of our congregation.  We want to see these kids stay together as a group, or cohort, throughout their adolescence, growing in life and faith together. On the 1st and 3rd Sunday’s of every month, the cohort goes downstairs during the Sunday school hour to sing songs, discuss the sermon text, and do projects to bring the Bible to life.  The 2nd, 4th (and occasional 5th) Sundays of the month, the cohort is in the service, worshipping with their families and the community as a whole.  We want our kids to participate in the life of the church rather than merely attend church.

Also, once a month, the cohort meets outside of Sunday evening for extracurricular activities (EXAs). These times are meant to be a place for simple fun, fellowship with each other and other church members, and sometimes serving the church or the world around us.