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At Lettered Streets Covenant Church we believe our faith should inform our practice therefore, we are seeking ways to be sign-posts pointing to God’s blessing through service in and with our neighborhood, city, and beyond.  We also strive to build community as we serve by joining with other churches, organizations, and individuals.  If you are interested in finding out ways you may get involved in upcoming service opportunities, you can contact us  directly and/or checkout our events calendar.

Here are some ways you may get involved on a regular basis:

Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic

The mission of Kids in Motion Therapy Clinic is to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy for the children of Whatcom County and surrounding areas who have neuromuscular disorders. By providing these services within Whatcom County the Clinic will reduce the long drive distances many families face in order to get their children the critical therapies they need.

Back on Track

Back on Track is a one on one reading program aimed at helping elementary students of all reading levels to increase their fluency and comprehension skills.  Studies have shown that if a child does not read to grade level by the fourth grade, their chances of graduating high school are greatly diminished.   As a church, we believe the just thing to do is to give all children the opportunity to succeed.  Therefore, some of us have found it a great joy to serve the families in our neighborhood by tutoring children in reading through Back on Track at Parkview Elementary School.  If this sounds like something you’d like to be involved in, please contact us.

Bellingham Food Bank

The Bellingham Food Bank serves a vital need in our community by providing nutritious food and household staples to Whatcom County individuals and families in need.  LSCC periodically supports the Food Bank in volunteer projects, food drives, and financial gifts.  Keep an eye on our events calendar for upcoming service opportunities, or contact the Food Bank directly to see how you might help.

Action  For Africa
Action for Africa,
the Whatcom/Lesotho Partnership is a group of families  and individuals in Whatcom County who, following the example of Jesus, wish to walk alongside families and communities in Lesotho, Africa who are suffering under the pandemic of AIDS.

Why Lesotho?
Lesotho is a small, single-tribe nation in extreme poverty and has one of the highest incident levels (40%) of  HIV/Aids in the world. The HIV/Aids Pandemic leaves children orphaned and vulnerable to dangers we would never accept for our own children.  Sustainable  solutions are available, if only we have the will to work alongside these  amazing people to help them turn their communities around.

Here are some other organizations doing wonderful things in our community and beyond.

      Rebound Whatcom County                                             The Lighthouse Mission

      Love INC                                                                             Habitat for Humanity

      International Justice Mission                                         Covenant World Relief

      Engedi House                                                                     Collide